Anime Created On Nintendo 3DS Took Four Years To Make

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Screenshot: Mirror Panel-3

YouTuber Mirror Panel-3 spent four years creating an anime on Flipnote Studio 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.

Titled Flipnote Warrior, the 34-minute anime will be released on December 4, and is about a young girl’s life that forever changes thanks to an unexpected encounter on a Nintendo 3DS. According to Mirror Panel-3, all the animation was done in Flipnote Studio 3D but it was then colorized and edited on PC.

Flipnote Studio was a free downloadable app for the DSi, and still is for the 3DS, that allows players to create their own flipbook animations, with sound.


Below are the new animation’s opening and title credits. There’s even a theme song!

Here is another scene from Flipnote Warrior.

Back in 2014, Mirror Panel-3 released an hour-long Mario-themed original Flipnote Studio animated movie.

The original 2D Flipnote Studio is no longer available for download since the Nintendo DSi Shop shuttered in 2017.

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V till I D.I.E

Someone managed to make an anime in flipnote. Meanwhile I can’t draw a proper stick figure in the damn app (granted it took them 4 years and I’m using the smaller OG 3DS but still. Mad respect for the person who did it).