There's Five Spots We Get THIS Close to Seeing Master Chief's Face in the New Halo 4 Trailer

The Halo 4 launch trailer was predictably big budget, but what I found most interesting was how human they made Master Chief look. We usually just see him as a giant hulking killing machine, all armour and visor, but Tim Miller and David Fincher's clip goes right ahead and actually takes the mask off the hero. »10/19/12 2:30am10/19/12 2:30am

Halo 4's Ten-Minute "Documentary" Is Also One Giant Game Trailer

Well, here's a pleasant surprise. This is a "documentary" on the making of Halo 4 that runs for over ten minutes. You'd think such a clip would be full of agonising monologues by developers, and it is, but instead of just focusing on talking heads you're also seeing a ton of of in-game and cinematic footage. »9/04/12 2:00am9/04/12 2:00am