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Here's Halo 5's Intro

This is Halo 5’s intro. It’s...expensive. And Fillion-y.


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Skylar Widis

So this started off well enough, but am I the only person who that that, by the end, it was coming off as if the cinematic team at 343 was just starting to jerk themselves off a bit? I really don’t know what that extended downhill fight scene did other than just take a kind of neat premise for a fight and then devoid it of any substance by missing the opportunity to perhaps display something about each character during it. It really just came off like “Here’s four soldiers shooting at aliens as they run downhill” as opposed to “Here’s four CHARACTERS engaging in a fight in their own ways.”

It just seems like a lost moment for displaying something about the characters, which would have been interesting, and instead never elevates itself beyond a neat enough idea that ran on for too long and was devoid of anything substantive.

EDIT: Can we also just retire the fucking “You buy the beer when we get back home blah blah blah” cliche? It seems like that line is in practically every pre-battle scene and it’s just boring to hear at this point.