Logitech's Clickiest Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is Cheaper Than Ever

Logitech’s G710/G710+ mechanical gaming keyboard is one of your five favorites, and Best Buy has knocked the ultra clicky Cherry MX Blue version down to $60 today, an all-time low by about $30. [Logitech G710 with Cherry MX Blue Switches, $60] »Today 3:36pm

Luke Skywalker Has a Perfectly Good Explanation for His "Flub" in A New Hope

It’s a factoid years old that when Luke emerges from his X-Wing after the Battle of Yavin in A New Hope, the over-excited Mark Hamill accidentally cries “Carrie!” rather than “Leia!” when Carrie Fisher’s Princess comes running into his arms. But did he really? Not according to Luke Skywalker himself. »Today 10:00am

How the US Air Force reloads the largest combat jet gun on the planet

When you got one of the biggest guns in the world, you can’t just pop in a new magazine and start firing again. Well, you can but the new ‘magazine’ for the GAU-8 Avenger is so ginormous it needs to be trucked in and requires multiple Air Force guys to get the gun reloaded. It takes time to get giant bullets on board!… »Today 11:19am

Nintendo's Unexpected Massively Multiplayer Puzzle-Solving Experiment

Games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Fez and Destiny get a lot of credit for challenging the packs of people who play them to put their heads together to solve puzzles: players share tips online and make message board breakthroughs. Nintendo kids were doing that on the playground a quarter century ago, of course, trying… »Today 3:23pm