I Care About Star Wars Because It Introduced Me To 'Lore'

Today, May 25, is Star Wars Day—not the weird pun nonsense earlier this month that people love to call “Star Wars Day”, but the anniversary of the release of the original film in 1977. And today here on Kotaku we’re going to celebrate an oft-mocked part of Star Wars: the Expanded Universe. » 5/25/15 6:15pm Yesterday 6:15pm

The Longer The Witcher 3 Goes, The Faster I Move Through It

If you write about games professionally for a while, and get suckered into writing game reviews freelance, a couple things happen. First, you play way too many games. Second, you play all those games very quickly. The latter has led me to take on some habits that I find troublesome. » 5/25/15 2:45pm Yesterday 2:45pm

The Best Memorial Day Deals: Dress Your Kitchen in All-Clad, and More

So what exactly makes these so much better than the cheap pots and pans you bought in college? The secret is their three-layer construction that sandwiches a layer of fast-heating aluminum inside two layers of layer of durable and heat-retaining stainless steel. That means your pans get hot fast, stay hot longer, and… » 5/25/15 12:24pm Yesterday 12:24pm

Blizzard Removed Tychus' Cigar To Meet Ratings Requirements

We discovered last week that Tychus’ trademark cigar was missing from the open beta version of Heroes of the Storm, and some people were rather upset about it—bro is always chewing on that thing, after all. And Blizzard artist Phill Gonzalez hopped on reddit to explain what the deal with that was. » 5/25/15 12:00pm Yesterday 12:00pm

What E3 Exaggerations Are You Most Excited For?

Hi! I’m Phil Owen, and I’ll be your Kotaku guest editor for Memorial Day while everyone else is enjoying the day off with possibly barbecue and maybe also sunshine. But who needs all that when we’re going to have a scintillating day just chock full of internet goodness? » 5/25/15 10:30am Yesterday 10:30am

Master Web Development: Save 96% On This Complete Coding Course Bundle

Ready to become a master web-developer? Whether you’re just curious about building your own apps or want to take your coding career to the next level, check out this complete course bundle with 74+ hours of top-notch training. Kotaku readers can get an exclusive discount of 96% (over $1,000) with code LEARNCODE15.
» 5/22/15 1:11am Friday 1:11am