Nvidia’s New Tablet Tries Damn Hard to Earn Real Video Game Respect

What would a tablet have to do to be seriously considered as the best place for you to play games? Native Twitch streaming? Good-as-console versions of popular games? Play-from-your-couch capability? Nvidia's new gaming tablet can do all of that. And some extra stuff besides. You can use a controller with it, too. » 7/22/14 9:00am Today 9:00am

A South Korean court ruled that the cancelled One Piece exhibit can be held because the manga does not glorify Japanese imperialism and portrayed the Rising Sun imagery in a negative light. "Taking these reasons into consideration, the court concluded that the museum cannot unilaterally cancel the showing," reports » 7/22/14 7:30am Today 7:30am

Oh Hey, It's Inflatable Pikachu Vagina

Ages ago, a particular Pikachu bouncy house was noticed in Japan. The entrance looked like, for lack of a better word, a Pikachu vagina. Earlier today, it was reported that the "giant Pikachu" was once again making an appearance. Eager folks, climb right on in! » 7/22/14 5:40am Today 5:40am

A Look Inside Japan's Reptile Cafes

So far, Kotaku has introduced an array of animal cafes in Japan: cat cafes, black cat cafes, owl cafes, bunny cafes, squirrel gardens and even penguin bars. Now, check out the country's reptile cafes. » 7/22/14 4:00am Today 4:00am