Today's Best Gaming Deals: EA Sale, DualShock Dock, and a Lot More

Amazon's offering some terrific deals on EA games this week. We've listed some highlights below, but be sure to check out the full list. [EA Deals Week] » 4/21/15 11:45am 10 minutes ago

Kim Jong-un Photo Allegedly Photoshopped, South Korean News Reports

Recently, North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un “climbed” Mt. Paektu, the country’s tallest mountain. The mountain is an important place, so Kim Jong-un’s visit is very much a photo opportunity. A propaganda one, too. » 4/21/15 5:00am Today 5:00am

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Is Dynasty Warriors and Little More

Dynasty Warriors games are well known for following a strict gameplay formula. However, in recent tie-in titles like Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes, more and more innovation has been brought in to augment the core gameplay in interesting ways. This is not so for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, however. » 4/21/15 4:00am Today 4:00am

Inside the Fiery Workshop of a 21st Century Swordmaker

Down a stretch of country road in upstate New York there is a shed. The shed itself is nothing spectacular, a whitewash number with years of weathering. But inside sparks fly, fires breathe, and slabs of steel are fashioned into capable killing machines. This is Odinblades, a grimy shrine to the ancient art of… » 4/21/15 12:48am Today 12:48am