Superman's Getting a Brand New Secret Identity

For over 70 years, Superman has hidden behind a single secret identity: Clark Kent. But now that the comics have re-exposed Clark Kent to the DC universe, the Man of Steel needs a new alter-ego. And so, for the first time in his history, Superman has a new secret persona. »10/07/15 12:30pm19 minutes ago

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Fallout 4 Season Pass, PSN Bonus Credit, and More

If you’re already committed to getting your hands on every piece of Fallout 4 content available, Green Man Gaming is taking $7 off the season pass for PC today. [Fallout 4 - Season Pass, $23 with code 23PERC-AUTUMN-SAVING] »10/07/15 11:45amToday 11:45am

The New Invincible Iron Man Comic Has a Big Shocker About One of Marvel’s Biggest Villains

Not a whole lot is changing with Tony Stark in the new Iron Man comic debuting tomorrow. He’s still an egotistical genius billionaire who flies around saving the world in high-tech power armor. Whew. But one of the people he tussles with on a semi-regular basis looks a whole lot different. »10/07/15 9:00amToday 9:00am

Lego Doctor Who Is Finally Here, And It Looks Awesome

It feels like ages since Lego announced that it would be making a set based on Doctor Who—but now we don’t need a time machine to find a future where it’s out. It’s finally happening this December, and it’s looking rather fantastic if you’re a fan of all things wibbly, wobbly, and maybe even timey and wimey too. »10/07/15 7:03amToday 7:03am