The Game Release Calendar, Mordor Edition

Days before the Q4 release rush, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor lands with critical acclaim from Kotaku, joined by Forza Horizon 2 and Persona 4 Ultimax. The already-contentious season pass for Shadow of Mordor is also available. » 9/29/14 4:15pm Yesterday 4:15pm

Loyalty or Victory? The Inner Struggle of the Fantasy Football Fan

Fantasy football has corrupted you. This dark season of the soul began during your draft. You prepared yourself by streaming fantasy advice on your Xbox One's NFL app, swearing you'd play to win even if it meant going against everything you believe in. No more reaching on third-rate players in the fifth round out of… » 9/29/14 12:00pm Yesterday 12:00pm

Caught Gadget Fever? A $150 Gift Card Should Take Care of That

With back to school season and tech release mania upon us, you've probably felt a little fever coming on. The only prescription? More gadgets. Sadly, the holidays are still a ways away, and the tech treats on your wish list won't show up under the tree for a while. But cheer up because we're giving you the chance to… » 9/26/14 3:59pm Friday 3:59pm