The Official Assassin's Creed Unity Hidden Blade is Way More Fun Than the Game

Admit it, you’ve wanted something like this since the first time you played an Assassin’s Creed game. Ubisoft’s official Unity Phantom Blade includes a functional (plastic) hidden blade, as well as retractable crossbow arms that can fire an included soft dart. Just don’t go overboard with the wall climbing. [… »9/03/15 6:15pmToday 6:15pm

Help! My Partner Is Addicted to Collecting Toys and It's Freaking Me Out

Hey, folks! Sorry to dispense with my normal nonsense, but I got a really important letter that I‘m very excited to share. I don’t get a ton of letters dealing with real issues, but I’m always happy to try to help. If you only read this for silliness, don’t worry—there’s still an insane Mad Max theory and the world’s… »9/03/15 5:10pmToday 5:10pm

Sgt. Doomhammer Orcs Up Heroes Of The Storm’s Siege Tank

Sgt. Hammer has always been one of the best specialists in Heroes of the Storm. But the MOBA-fied version of StarCraft’s iconic siege tank unit didn’t have any great skins to match—likely because it’s hard to dress up a tank in anything more more imaginative in a WWII-era guide. Blizzard’s finally changed that. »9/03/15 1:05pmToday 1:05pm