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What Are You Playing This April?

It’s April, the official month of dumb pranks, getting sick from too many Cadbury eggs, and spending an entire day smoking pot. Also, the official month of playing video games, because every month is the official month of playing video games! » 4/01/15 4:30pm 54 minutes ago

Fake WoW Patch Notes Are Still The Funniest Part Of April Fools'

“Players now take 10% less damage in PvP.” “Players now deal 10% more damage in PvP.” “Players now act like they take 10% less damage in PvP, but they really don’t. They’re just kidding around.” You haven’t failed me yet, annual fake World of Warcraft patch notes. » 4/01/15 4:25pm 59 minutes ago

The Steam Stream Finds Out What The Hell Is Up With Asteroids: Outpost

Today I'm playing a bunch of new Steam releases for your viewing pleasure, foremost among them a first/third-person survival game based on Atari arcade classic Asteroids. Yeah, the one with the little triangle ship. No, I don't get it either. Watch below. » 4/01/15 3:56pm Today 3:56pm

DC Comics’ Big New Crossover Isn’t Off to a Great Start

So it’s here: the beginning of the latest installment in a long cycle of DC Universe publishing events. Unfortunately, the first issue of Convergence doesn’t hold up the legacy of its best predecessors and might just wind up annoying the fanbase it’s supposed to energize. » 4/01/15 3:46pm Today 3:46pm

10 Authors Who Wrote Gritty, Realistic Fantasy Before George R.R. Martin

When George R.R. Martin released A Game of Thrones in 1996, he helped to change the game with his grounded approach to fantasy tropes. At the same time, people sometimes talk as though Martin was the first to bring realism to epic fantasy. So here are 10 other authors who were doing "gritty" fantasy before Martin. » 4/01/15 2:39pm Today 2:39pm

For The First Time, A Banned League Of Legends Pro Gets Second Chance

Last night, Riot put out an update about the status of several high-profile League of Legends players who’ve been suspended or banned from the game due to their toxic behavior. Buried in the details was an interesting detail: in an unprecedented move, one player’s permaban from competitive play was removed entirely. » 4/01/15 1:30pm Today 1:30pm

The first patch for Bloodborne has gone live, fixing the Lunarium Key progression bug and removing the item duplication glitch that allows players to power level extremely quickly. This does not include the promised loading screen improvements coming in a later patch. » 4/01/15 12:52pm Today 12:52pm

Final Fantasy's Triple Triad Is Finally On Phones (In Japan)

If there’s one Final Fantasy mini-game that would be just about perfect for smartphones, it’s Triple Triad, the delightfully addictive card game that debuted in Final Fantasy VIII and recently reappeared in the online game FFXIV. » 4/01/15 12:20pm Today 12:20pm

24 Great Video Game Victories, As Told By Players

Earlier this week, I asked you guys to share your most memorable video game victories. The only thing more impressive than the wealth of victories you collectively brought is just how many of those victories were landed. » 4/01/15 12:00pm Today 12:00pm

Today's Best Gaming Deals: This War of Mine, eShop Credit, and More

Pretty much every war game ever made has been played from the perspective of the military. This War of Mine on the other hand puts you in the shoes of the civilians of a war-ravaged city, with the goal of survival, rather than victory. Kotaku loves it, and Steam has it for $7 off today. [This War of Mine, $13] » 4/01/15 11:45am Today 11:45am

The Best (And Worst) April Fools' Day Jokes For 2015

Ah, April 1. It's a day where loads of things on the internet will make you groan, cry and smack your face to your palm. Other things, though, might actually give you a chuckle. Let's take a look at some of the best (and worst) of these extremes. » 4/01/15 10:32am Today 10:32am

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When Japan Gets April Fools' Day So Right

Today is April 1. I recently read someone somewhere saying that April Fools’ Day is not a thing in Japan. Oh how wrong is that! It’s been around for decades and is very much a thing online. » 4/01/15 7:30am Today 7:30am

Create Your Website: 65% Off a Year of Hosting + Free Domain Name ($28)

HostGator, one of Lifehacker's favorite hosting companies, is offering one year of their Hatchling Plan for $28 - which includes a free domain name. That saves you more than 65% and comes out to just $2.33/month. » 3/18/15 3:44pm 3/18/15 3:44pm

Master Node.js - Save 93% on 6 In-Depth Courses 

If you're at all interested in app development, you'd be wise to learn Node.js. It's quickly becoming the most popular server-side framework for building quick, scalable network apps. For a limited time, Kotaku readers can save 93% (over $560) on a comprehensive 6 course bundle and learn the ins-and-outs of Node.js. » 3/30/15 7:51pm Monday 7:51pm