Police To Fight Gambling By Putting 'Black Boxes' in Arcade Machines

Gambling is illegal in China, super illegal, which is one of the many reasons Macao is now the gambling capital of the world. In China, gambling is often associated with video game arcades. To circumvent gambling in arcades, Shanghai authorities are now putting "black boxes" inside arcade machines. » 9/22/14 6:30am 36 minutes ago

The Grand Dream: An Ode to the Imagination of Chrono Trigger

It's Saturday morning, and I call Brian's name. He's asleep on the lower half of our cold, metal bunk bed that Mom purchased out of a catalog. He murmurs something like a growl, but I don't ask for clarification. I bolt down the ladder, race barefoot across the hardwood floor and down into the basement where hints of… » 9/22/14 5:00am Today 5:00am

The Man Who Saved Final Fantasy XV

"This is my first numbered Final Fantasy game," FFXV director Hajime Tabata told me at Square Enix's Tokyo headquarters early last week. And what a numbered Final Fantasy game this is. » 9/21/14 11:00pm Yesterday 11:00pm

Watch the Makers of System Shock Play It for Its 20th Anniversary

System Shock's one of those games that lots of descendant creations owe a huge debt to. If you're a fan of moody, story-centric first-person experiences like Deus Ex or BioShock, then you should be watching some of System Shock's creators play it right now. » 9/21/14 9:31pm Yesterday 9:31pm