James Gunn On The Movies You Must Watch Before Guardians Of The Galaxy

Earlier this month, Marvel released a Guardians of the Galaxy mixtape loaded with tunes from the '70s that will also serve as half of the film's soundtrack. It really helps set the tone for the film, so we asked director James Gunn to do the same thing with movies people should watch. » 7/22/14 3:42pm Today 3:42pm

Four great indie games will be at the heart of Sony's annual PLAY summer sale when it starts next week. Hohokum and CounterSpy will be PlayStation exclusives, while the others—Rogue Legacy and The Swapper—are making their debuts on Sony's game systems. Learn more on the official PlayStation Blog. » 7/22/14 1:45pm Today 1:45pm

How Much Game Makers Get Paid

Making video games sure looks like a fun gig from the outside, doesn't it? Pouring your talents into a creation that can get played by thousands or even millions of people worldwide is not something many people can say that they do. But bragging rights and cool points don't pay bills. Just how much did video game… » 7/22/14 12:00pm Today 12:00pm

Deals: Red Vs. Blue, Dark Souls II Season Pass, PS4/One, Halloween

Hard to believe Red vs. Blue began way back in 2003. Today, the RVBX Ten Year Blu-ray Box Set is down to its lowest price ever of $54. As one of the first big items I ever put on Moneysaver Kotaku Deals, it's got some personal sentiment for me as well. [RVBX] » 7/22/14 11:55am Today 11:55am

For Nvidia's Big Release, You'll Have to Go on the 'Ultimate Quest'

Is there anything better than the anticipation leading up to the release of a new gaming product? Hardly. This week, the PC gaming hardware gurus at Nvidia are gameifying your anticipation with the launch of Ultimate Quest, an extremely challenging, five-day sci-fi adventure game designed for the most skilled… » 7/18/14 4:00pm Friday 4:00pm