League Of Legends Fan Makes Emotional Tribute To Older Version Of His Favorite Character

Poppy, one of League of Legends’ oldest characters, is about to be retired from the game. And while she’ll be replaced by a newer, better version of herself, fans of the original Poppy are feeling pretty sad right now. One such fan knew this day was coming, so he prepared a video to celebrate the champion’s glory days. »Today 5:55pm11/25/15 5:55pm

The Best Black Friday Gaming Deals

You’ve reached our hub for all the best Black Friday gaming deals. We’ll be adding all the deals to this page as they go live, and in the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates. »Today 5:45pm11/25/15 5:45pm

Play PS4 Games Remotely With the Vita, Which Is Cheaper Than Ever Today

The PS Vita might be worth it just for Fallout 4 remote play, and you can pick one up for just $155 today, an all-time low. [PlayStation Vita, $155] »Today 3:21pm11/25/15 3:21pm

Heroes Of The Storm’s New Map Ditches The Old Formula

Blizzard added its latest battleground into its rad new MOBA Heroes of the Storm this week, and boy is this map a weird one. Called “Towers of Doom,” it takes some of the most sacred principles of the genre and either throws them out the window or distorts them beyond recognition. It’s a bold experiment, but is it fun? »Today 3:14pm11/25/15 3:14pm