China has some of the most insane traffic jams on this planet

Hell. Pain. Agony. Anger. Madness. To the point where you just start punching your steering wheel and try to rip off your car’s roof and scream until your forehead and neck veins burst and then cry like a crazy person. That’s what it must feel like going through this insane traffic jam just outside of Beijing, China.… »10/07/15 3:20pm46 minutes ago

Superman's Getting a Brand New Secret Identity

For over 70 years, Superman has hidden behind a single secret identity: Clark Kent. But now that the comics have re-exposed Clark Kent to the DC universe, the Man of Steel needs a new alter-ego. And so, for the first time in his history, Superman has a new secret persona. »10/07/15 12:30pmToday 12:30pm

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Fallout 4 Season Pass, PSN Bonus Credit, and More

If you’re already committed to getting your hands on every piece of Fallout 4 content available, Green Man Gaming is taking $7 off the season pass for PC today. [Fallout 4 - Season Pass, $23 with code 23PERC-AUTUMN-SAVING] »10/07/15 11:45amToday 11:45am