A Final Snow | Colorado treated us to a beautiful morning snow today. It's probably the last I'll see here before moving to New York at the end of the month. (Photo: Brian Crecente)

Snow and SunSilent Auction, Live DJ Added to Japan Earthquake Relief Fundraiser

With less than a week till kick off, the Kotaku Japan Earthquake Relief fundraiser continues to grow. Hosted at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in downtown Denver, the event will now also include a silent auction and live DJ set by DJ LiciousD. More »

Snow and SunThe Final Mass Effect 2 Mission Arrives On March 29

Commander Shepard travels to the edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover operative that could have evidence about an impending Reaper invasion in Mass Effect 2's Arrival downloadable content, coming March 29 to the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. This final batch of downloadable content for... More »

Snow and SunBastard Pigs, Angry Birds Take Over, Destroy Texas Building

Almost lost amidst the insanity of a weekend packed with both Penny Arcade Expo East and South by Southwest was this amazing Angry Birds 3D spectacular. Nokia teams up with Rovio to create a massive 3D projection on a 150-foot tall Austin building during their opening party. More »

Snow and SunMelbourne Gunman Felt Like A Computer Game Hero During Two-Day Crime Spree

Last June 19-year-old David Rowntree grabbed a sawed-off shotgun and went on a two-day criminal rampage, stealing two cars and committing multiple burglaries. More »


Snow and SunThey've Hidden A Free Role-Playing Game In Every Nintendo 3DS

Among the many surprises pre-loaded into the 3DS, Nintendo's next big handheld device, the biggest is that the thing is packed with a hidden role-playing game. More »

Snow and SunTurbo Grannies Proves The Swedish Have Iffy Taste In Mobile Games

I'll admit, the biggest hook Turbo Grannies had for me was when their PR guy mentioned that it was about to beat Angry Birds in the Swedish iTunes App Store. More »

Snow and SunKartRider Rush Is a Fun, Free Mario Kart for your iPhone

KartRider is a web-game phenomenon, played by more than 200 million players, including a third of South Korea. So how is it on the iPhone? Pretty great. KartRider Rush, like the web-version of the game, is a free-to-play kart racer that features cartoonish graphics, fun maps and a collection of... More »

Snow and SunHow Bad is the Nintendo 3DS "Depth Zone"? Let Us Show You.

Nintendo's 3DS, their new handheld console, can show images with depth-it's real 3D. But because you don't have to wear glasses to play, you have to hold the 3DS somewhat precisely. More »

Snow and SunPilotwings Resort Is More Than A Simple Nintendo Sequel

Pilotwings Resort is the first Pilotwings game in 15 years, but I was worried that the Nintendo flight sim and 3DS launch game would be the simplest one in the series. More »

Snow and SunOrder & Chaos Online Is Gameloft's Answer To World Of Warcraft

Known for its shameless copies of popular games, Gameloft takes copycat gaming to a whole new level with Order & Chaos Online, a massively-multiplayer World of Warcraft clone for iOS. More »

Snow and SunLost Your Nintendo 3DS AR Cards? No Problem: Put Them On Your Phone

Did you know you could use Nintendo's 3DS to do augmented reality on an iPhone? No, no. Not using an iPhone. I mean on top of an iPhone. Totilo forgot to bring his AR Cards into the office today, so instead of printing some new ones, we just copied them onto our phone. More »

Snow and SunI Can't Stop Playing Collision Effect, Can You?

I'm the guy on the subway who is playing Collision Effect. I used to be the guy on the subway playing Drop 7. (Everyone else is playing Angry Birds.) Since I downloaded Collision Effect a couple of weeks ago, it has been my iPhone obsession. All I'm doing in this game is tapping colored orbs... More »

Snow and SunNintendo 3DS Size Comparo Video

The Nintendo 3DS comes from a long line of handheld game systems of a mostly refined pedigree. We thought it would be fun to line them all up for a little size comparison. More »

Snow and SunWhat We Love And Hate About The 3DS, So Far

We got our Nintendo 3DS systems on Tuesday, many days in advance of the machine's March 27 North American release. Today is Friday and, wow, have we been working hard! More »

It snowed last night. That's not too unusual. It snowed the day Tristan was born, in May. But it was neat to wake up to one final Colorado morning before we head out for New York. Two more weeks. –Brian Crecente

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