Order & Chaos Online Is Gameloft's Answer To World Of Warcraft

Known for its shameless copies of popular games, Gameloft takes copycat gaming to a whole new level with Order & Chaos Online, a massively-multiplayer World of Warcraft clone for iOS.


Gameloft has managed to pull off quality copies of everything from Halo to StarCraft on the iPhone and iPad, so it was really only a matter of time before they took on Blizzard's biggest hit.


While Order & Chaos Online is currently nothing more than a Facebook page and a gameplay trailer, this gameplay trailer makes the developer's intentions perfectly clear. You've got elves, humans, orcs, blue orcs, all running about, casting spells amidst scenery that often looks like it was torn from the very surface of Azeroth.

If it's entertaining and relatively affordable, I might hit it. I was running out of things to do in the bathroom anyway.

Watch the game's Facebook page for updates on the approaching battle between Order & Chaos.

Gameloft Teases iPhone MMORPG 'WoW'-Alike With 'Order & Chaos Online' Trailer [MTV Multiplayer]

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Gameloft, I'd condemn them if their games weren't actually of such good quality.

These are not cheap knock offs folks, these are usually finely crafted replicas worthy of their place beside the originals.

I'm looking forward to this, more so because I'm certain it will be Free 2 Play.