Pilotwings Resort is the first Pilotwings game in 15 years, but I was worried that the Nintendo flight sim and 3DS launch game would be the simplest one in the series. It appears to only offer three ways to fly: by plane, jetpack or hang-glider.


In the video here you can watch the basics... but if you stick past the spoiler warning then you'll see why I'm no longer worried that Pilotwings 3DS is a simple game. I can say no more. Watch. (There's a spoiler warning in the video, so you can bail out early if you want to.)

I've played the game for about an hour, so I'm just beginning to unearth the game's unadvertised secrets. We'll have more on Pilotwings Resort as we get closer to the game — and the 3DS' — March 27 North American launch.

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