Bastard Pigs, Angry Birds Take Over, Destroy Texas Building

Almost lost amidst the insanity of a weekend packed with both Penny Arcade Expo East and South by Southwest was this amazing Angry Birds 3D spectacular.


Nokia teams up with Rovio to create a massive 3D projection on a 150-foot tall Austin building during their opening party. Sure, it turned out to be an ad for more Angry Birds, but it was fun while it lasted.

Video: Angry Birds 3D Spectacular [Nokia Conversations, via NowhereElse thanks Steve ]

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Oh, those birds!

They just released an updated to AB yesterday (regular, as Seasons was earlier this week). I've got most of the stars, but not all. The newest annoyance on the upgrade/release was an ad that appears in the in-game menu. The ad is to like to AB on FB and the other ad is AB Seasons. It sure gets annoying to click on either one of these on accident.