I'll admit, the biggest hook Turbo Grannies had for me was when their PR guy mentioned that it was about to beat Angry Birds in the Swedish iTunes App Store. I wasn't exactly champing at the bit to play another Excitebite clone.

It's basically an Excitebike clone, complete with the Newtonian-incomplete ability to rock back and forth in air by tilting your phone. It feels both slightly sluggish and too finicky all at once, which takes a particular talent.

And while the titular old grams on mobility scooters are the biggest draw here, they do have a tendency to hoot and holler in an all-too-loud voice, often even after they've died in a sickening, wet squish. It's disconcerting and implies some sloppy code. Unless the developers are making a statement on the overabundance of zombie games. Then it's just confusing.

It's probably worth a buck of amusement-especially on Android where you have less games from which to choose-but only just. [Turbogrannies.com] [Android Market] [iTunes App Store]