Turbo Grannies Proves The Swedish Have Iffy Taste In Mobile Games

Illustration for article titled emTurbo Grannies/em Proves The Swedish Have Iffy Taste In Mobile Games

I'll admit, the biggest hook Turbo Grannies had for me was when their PR guy mentioned that it was about to beat Angry Birds in the Swedish iTunes App Store. I wasn't exactly champing at the bit to play another Excitebite clone.


It's basically an Excitebike clone, complete with the Newtonian-incomplete ability to rock back and forth in air by tilting your phone. It feels both slightly sluggish and too finicky all at once, which takes a particular talent.

And while the titular old grams on mobility scooters are the biggest draw here, they do have a tendency to hoot and holler in an all-too-loud voice, often even after they've died in a sickening, wet squish. It's disconcerting and implies some sloppy code. Unless the developers are making a statement on the overabundance of zombie games. Then it's just confusing.


It's probably worth a buck of amusement-especially on Android where you have less games from which to choose-but only just. [Turbogrannies.com] [Android Market] [iTunes App Store]

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01001111 01001000

Umh... Okay, it's understood that our countries (oh, I'm Finnish) have a long history of neighbour rivalry, but I wouldn't start developing a game solely to beat the sales of some Swedish hit game.

Oh and...

RULE #1 OF NEIGHBOUR RIVALRY: Never admit that you're trying to do one better than the country next to you! You gotta have some sense of dignity, man. Also, if you say that you just wanna beat your neighbour and then you fail at it — everybody's going to go "HA-HA!" on you. And even if you succeed, everybody's gonna think you're a douche.

So that's why you don't say things like this aloud.