CUTE | The Domo Starter Kit for the DSi arrived with a handwritten message from Hori noting that the kit is "unique and holds a special place in our hearts." Ours too Hori, ours too. (Photo by me)

Domo Should Protect The 3DS TooBattlefield 3 Hits Snipers Right Where It Hurts

You've been here before - pinned down by a sniper. But something about Battlefield feels fresh and immediate. This might be modern warfare, but that doesn't mean this is old hat, not by a damn sight. This clip shows troops moving to the rooftops to take out a sniper. More »

Domo Should Protect The 3DS TooIs The Riddler Arkham City's Scarecrow?

If there is a new Batman video game coming out in the fall called Batman: Arkham City, could you imagine it not including The Riddler? OK, you detectives, if the Riddler was getting an expanded role in the game what would it be? What was Batman doing during the end of a recent demo I saw of his new... More »

Domo Should Protect The 3DS TooWhat's Wrong With Giant Breasts And Ninja Skills?

In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku commenter CuttySark wonders why portraying women and men video games as physically or mentally superior is such a bad thing. More »

Domo Should Protect The 3DS TooAr Tonelico Qoga's Intro Is A Wonder To Behold

Last night I picked up a copy of Gust's newly-released Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel for the PlayStation 3, slipped it into my console, and watched the introductory movie five times in a row. More »


Domo Should Protect The 3DS TooKeeping The HD-DVD Dream Alive

The other day while watching my high-definition copy of Blade Runner on my Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive, I received an Xbox Live message thanking me for keeping the dream alive. More »

Domo Should Protect The 3DS TooCo-op Gaming Between an iPad and iMac, Guerilla Bob-style

Forget "PC vs Console" wars. Now it's going to be "iPad vs Mac". (Keyboard and mouse forever!) Guerilla Bob is a simplistic, three-quarters-overhead shooter in the Ikari Warriors vein, but that's not what makes it unique. More »

Domo Should Protect The 3DS TooCasey the Bully-Breaking "Zangief Kid" Gets the Street Fighter Remix He Deserves

You may recall Casey Heynes, the chunky kid who was tired of being bullied and became an icon. Now he's immortalized-overmortalized?-in this video that mixes back in all the sound and visual effects we all heard in our mind when we first watched Casey piledrive his bully into the... More »

Domo Should Protect The 3DS TooHomefront Is An Emotional Shooter That Doesn't Quite Deliver

I nearly wept during the opening of Homefront. Maybe it was the father in me, maybe just that I'm human, but those opening moments, so cleverly crafted to grab a hold of you and pull, succeeded on a level few games have before with me. Homefront depicts a United States, a Colorado, ghettoized by an... More »

Domo Should Protect The 3DS TooWhat Is Chessboxing?

Chessboxing is an activity that combines the physical demands of boxing with the mental discipline of chess. Competitors alternate between rounds of chess and rounds of boxing, kicking things off with a four-minute round of chess and alternating with fisticuffs until 11 rounds have passed, or one... More »

Domo Should Protect The 3DS TooThese Magic Cards Are The "Holy Shit" Moment of Nintendo's New Toy

There will be sixteen games available on the Nintendo 3DS when it goes on sale on March 27, but its best games may be the ones built right into the machine. More »

Domo Should Protect The 3DS TooGame Boy Puts The Bomb In School Bus Bomb Scare

Police responding to a bomb scare this morning on a school bus outside of the Northside Intermediate school in Milton, Wisconsin, discovered an 11-year-old boy in possession of a video game system dressed up with wires and batteries to look like an explosive device. More »

Domo Should Protect The 3DS TooThe Quirky Touches That Only Nintendo Would Hide In the 3DS

Nintendo lets me spin the menu on their new 3DS system with my breath. Their machine can figure out that my face on Angelina Jolie's head should be classified as "female." They're counting my steps, for kicks. More »

I spent the day playing games on the 3DS, on the iPhone, on the Windows Phone 7. My poor consoles and PCs are feeling very neglected. Maybe I'll squeeze in some Homefront mulitplayer tonight. –Brian Crecente

Domo Should Protect The 3DS Too
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Domo Should Protect The 3DS Too
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Domo Should Protect The 3DS Too
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