The Quirky Touches That Only Nintendo Would Hide In the 3DS

Nintendo lets me spin the menu on their new 3DS system with my breath. Their machine can figure out that my face on Angelina Jolie's head should be classified as "female." They're counting my steps, for kicks.


You know gaming hardware is made by Nintendo if it's fun in little ways you didn't expect. I've shot a few in video using my pre-release 3DS to show you what I mean.

These aren't all of the Nintendo touches we like about the 3DS. We're loving the system's augmented reality games — a lot.


We're going to keep playing our 3DSes here at Kotaku and will keep you posted about we discover. The system is out already in Japan and launches in North America on March 27.

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God, kotaku is so disgusting with their blatant fanboyism. I can't stand to read anything here anymore.