What Is Chessboxing?

Chessboxing is an activity that combines the physical demands of boxing with the mental discipline of chess. Competitors alternate between rounds of chess and rounds of boxing, kicking things off with a four-minute round of chess and alternating with fisticuffs until 11 rounds have passed, or one competitor jams a rook in the other's eye.


It's the ultimate test of brain versus brawn. Versus brain. Also versus brawn.

At the EVE Fanfest in Reykjavík on March 24, two CCP 3D artists will enter the ring for the biggest Chessboxing match Iceland has ever seen. Who will win, the Brain or the Pain?


Eve Online developer CCP, never a company to shy away from publicly kicking ass in one way or another, has recruited two of its finest warriors to publically battle during the opening day of the Eve Fanfest, an annual fan appreciation gathering in Iceland that I'm never allowed to go to.

Who will win? The viewing public, of course.

Those not attending the show can watch most of it streaming live online. Check out the event's official website for details, and may the best 3D artist win.

For more information on chessboxing, visit the World Chessboxing Organization website.

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Platypus Man

Man, I first read it as "cheeseboxing," which I thought sounded very interesting. Then I got to the real thing, which seemed lame in comparison.

I'm not even sure what "cheeseboxing" would be, but it sounds cool to me.