Game Boy Puts The Bomb In School Bus Bomb Scare

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Police responding to a bomb scare this morning on a school bus outside of the Northside Intermediate school in Milton, Wisconsin, discovered an 11-year-old boy in possession of a video game system dressed up with wires and batteries to look like an explosive device.


Milton Police Department Lieutenant John Conger confirmed with Kotaku that the system in question was an "old school" Game Boy, and agreed that that was no way to treat a vintage game system.


The young boy is currently in police custody. The Game Boy bomb has been disposed of. Glad they didn't mix those two up, sort of.

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Tsk tsk tsk. If it was just a game boy with nothing fancy attached to it, I'd say that this was over-reaction. But given the fact that they added wires, foil, and other doodads to try and make it LOOK like a bomb...

Kid... WTF is wrong with you?! That's a perfectly good waste of a vintage first gen Game Boy! Let's see how you like a night in the pokey! That'll learn yah!

Also, while no pics seem to be available of the Game Boy that was made to look like a bomb, I was able to find the pic of the infamous Game Boy that appears to have SURVIVED the bomb!

God Bless It! Back when "Nintendo Hard" meant software AND hardware.