Co-op Gaming Between an iPad and iMac, Guerilla Bob-style

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Forget "PC vs Console" wars. Now it's going to be "iPad vs Mac". (Keyboard and mouse forever!)


Guerilla Bob is a simplistic, three-quarters-overhead shooter in the Ikari Warriors vein, but that's not what makes it unique. It's that the co-op shoot 'em up doesn't just allow two iOS devices to team up, but supports full compatibility between the OS X version as well.

We fired up a copy of the Mac version ($5 on the Mac App Store), hosted a game, and soon had an iPad 2 shooting right alongside my iMac here in the office. Graphically, except for the much higher resolution of the iMac version, they were pretty much identical.


Which makes that $.99 cent price of the iOS version a much better buy.

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I just picked up the iPad version. It was $2.99. I guess the iPhone version is $.99.