Shortly after firing about 150 people, Zynga has even better news for investors. It's getting into a sure-thing moneymaker, online gambling.

Gamasutra said on Thursday that Zynga saw a decent bump in its stock price after revealing plans long hinted at. They're getting into a partnership with Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, an Austrian online gaming operator. Plans include "a slots simulator based on [Zynga's] Farmville," says Gamasutra, and that it's just one step toward a bigger presence in gambling for Zynga.

Considering how many people just straight up don't come back to play a social game after the first time they try it, and that 90 percent don't last a month, this is probably a shrewd move. Still doesn't mean they make anything I wanna play.

Zynga loses players, looks forward to an online casino empire [Gamasutra]