Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition Coming to Xbox Live

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Zeno Clash is on the way to Xbox Live Arcade, says Atlus, who promises new content, a new cooperative mode and gameplay fine-tuned to gamer feedback.

Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition will is scheduled to release in March 2010. The first-person brawler will include a new cooperative mode in the game's Tower Challenges, Atlus said in a release. The game will also feature "new features, and added content combine with a series of tweaks and improvements based on fan feedback to deliver the definitive version of the critically-acclaimed game."

No price was named in the release. Atlus's announcement also teased an "as-of-yet-unannounced other new mode exclusive to the Ultimate Edition," plus other features.


Atlus Announces Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition for Xbox Live Arcade [Atlus Forums]

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Exclusive content for an inferior console port? I can't shake the feeling that developers have officially sold out.

Also, how would this even work? Does Valve also get a cut of the money, seeing as it's based on their engine? If so, disregard my first comment, Valve getting money is always good.