Zeno Clash Gets New DLC, Goes On Sale To Celebrate

Quirky first-person brawler Zeno Clash will be getting some new DLC this weekend, in the form of a three-level challenge called "The Pit". But that's not all. It's also getting a price-cut.

Anyone picking the game up over Steam this weekend won't pay the standard $20 asking price. They'll only pay $10. While I had my reservations about the game in our review, at $10, most of those go right out the window.


Click the vid to see a trailer for the DLC.


Komrade Kayce

I will finally learn teh Steam and get this.

I am afraid to adapt to change and use my computer to actually play games again, but Left 4 Dead on 360 just isn't cutting it anymore. Time to see what this bucket of crap can do other than Sims 3. Sigh.