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Zelda Bento: The Adventure of Lunch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Annathered's back from her bento creation station again. She breaks her rule about 3D bentoing to give us a 2D Wind Waker incarnation of Link. It's time for lunch on the east coast, right?


Here's the full list of ingrediments for this lovely scene of Link finding more heart in the forest:

Toon Link:
- potato salad wrapped with lettuce and spinach
- turkey for his face and hands
- carrot for his boots
- egg for his hair
- seaweed and kamaboko (fish cake) for his eyes
- fake sausage for his mouth

Piece of heart:
- konnyaku (yam cake) and kamaboko

- carrot

- kamaboko
- spinach
- egg sheet

Other food:
- rice
- Japanese style hamburg
- broccoli
- asparagus

Anna's flickr page for this creation gives a point-by-point annotation. Bon appetit!


Bento #28: Toon Link [Anna the Red, via Geekologie]