To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft
RE: Resistance is Futile


Totally agree with you. Sometimes level design seems designed to have you look stuff up online. That's fine if you are used to that, I guess. But if not, well, that's no good. Really think that game developers are going to need to consider more variables when making games.

Wife came home today for a couple hours. I spent most of last nite cleaning — late last night. Like, I was cleaning at 1am and stuff. I passed out on the sofa. Still wasn't able to clean all of the place up.


It was really good to see her and Micro-Bash. Her doctors said neither are supposed to go out for about a month. Today, both had doctor's appointments though, so they were able to visit. As you know, they've been staying with her parents, which is the tradition in Japan. Basically, her mother helps her so she can get used to caring for the new baby.

Since I don't see the baby everyday, I was surprised how much his face has filled out. He looks less like a space alien, his eyes are wide open and he's smiling tons. Everyday it seems like he grows or changes. The thing, we're all still growing — growing older. And if you really think about it, that's depressing as all hell. So don't, I guess.

Boy, I kinda made this Night Note a downer. Sorry!

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