Some Japanese People Impulsively Bought Wii Fit

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We're approaching the end of the year. Time to look back at all that we've done and all that we didn't plan on doing. Internet trend site Goo has a poll up that asks about this year's impulsive shopping. Here's the question:

This year, what did you carelessly or accidentally purchase?

1. Salted sweets
2. Unprocessed cameral
3. Wii Fit
4. Lotteria's Zeppin Cheese Burger


The only other game related entry from those polled? Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G at number 12. (In non-gaming news, the iPhone was number 14.)

うっかり買ってしまった今年のはやりものランキング [goo Ranking via my game news flash] [Pic]

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Komrade Kayce

Oops, where'd this Wii Fit in my shopping bag that I just put on the counter to pay for and I'm walking out of the store with come from?

Happens to me all the time. At least, thats what I tell my girlfriend when I've come home with a 60 dollar new release every few days in November. I ran out of excuses why I didn't spend the money on food or bills, so eventually I just started trying to explain the purchases as 'accidents'.

Didn't work.