Yup, Mad Dog McCree Is Out

As previously revealed via GameFly, the Mad Dog McCree series of lightgun laserdisc shooters has rustled up a release on the Wii, thanks to Majesco and Digital Leisure's Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack, which is now available.


The Wii bundle features Mad Dog McCree, Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold and The Last Bounty Hunter, three "classics" from the early 1990s that relied on quick reflexes and point and shoot action. Majesco's official announcement of the Gunslinger Pack informs us that the Mad Dog triple-shot is the "First Live-Action Shooter on Wii!"

For $19.99, it might be worth tickling the nostalgia bone for a laugh or two. But I'd prefer a little Lethal Enforcers or Area 51/Maximum Force bundle for something like that.

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