YouTuber Uses Kinect Mod To Play Mario 64 With A Trampoline

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Screenshot: Super Louis 64

It turns out using motion controls to make Mario jump is hard work.

YouTuber Super Louis 64, who you might remember from beating Halo 3 with a guitar or taking on Dark Souls 3 with a Ring Fit, is back again, this time with a bizarre new control scheme for Super Mario 64. Using a mini-trampoline and a Kinect mod, he’s able to make Mario jump by jumping in real life. The Kinect mod also uses his body’s movements to control the direction the plumber’s facing and his fists, while a Joy-Con controller is used to make him move forward.

This setup seems straightforward enough, but you might not realize just how much Mario jumps in Mario 64 until you’re doing it yourself, again and again and again. An early water level seemed like it me be a reprieve. Just a lot of swimming, right? Except that in Mario 64 you make the hero swim by pressing the jump button.


Super Louis 64's trampoline controls also transform the first boss fight against Bowser from a walk in the park to a series of sweat-inducing sprints. To throw Bowser off the platform Super Louis 64 has to spin himself around on the trampoline as well.

Maybe next he, his trampoline, and his Kinect mod can try taking on Super Metroid. The possibilities for old school workouts are endless.

Via Engadget.

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that was cool in all, but what was the purpose of the trampoline?