Playing Dark Souls 3 With A Ring Fit Adventure Controller Is Quite The Workout

What if Dark Souls 3 was as taxing physically as it is mentally? That’s the question YouTuber Super Louis 64 sought to answer with his latest project: modifying a Ring Fit Adventure controller to work with Dark Souls.


In his latest video, Super Louis 64 details his efforts to play Dark Souls 3 with a modified Ring Fit Adventure setup. His character can’t move or dodge unless he’s jogging in place thanks to the leg strap. Attacks are controlled by squeezing the Ring-con. Oh, and every time he wants to heal, he has to perform a squat.

“This Dark Souls x Ring Fit Adventure controller is a legit good workout,” Louis explains in the video. “Self-isolation has been affecting me pretty hard, but at least stuff like this is keeping me active. Dark Souls with a Ring Fit controller is awesome.”

Super Louis 64 is no stranger to both Dark Souls challenges and outlandish controller mods. His YouTube channel is full of similarly wacky videos, including ones where he plays Dark Souls 3 with the Donkey Konga bongo controller, uses an NES Power Glove in a few online Overwatch matches, and challenges a difficult CPU opponent in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad.

(h/t PCGamesN)

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yo give this man a million dollars and release this officially NOW. I want to play this NOW. Seriously this would be my favorite work out of all goddamn time. I am far too computer illiterate I’m sure to figure out what the hell he did so please Nintendo and FromSoftware, please...