The displeasure directed by some in the Modern Warfare 2 PC community toward Infinity Ward isn't limited to petitions. This weekend, YouTube removed a video Infinity posted to its channel, after a modder filed a DMCA takedown notice.


BASHandSlash user PST*Joker has claimed that Modern Warfare 2's AC-130 reward (achieved for a killstreak of 11) was influenced by mods he and other PC gamers made to the original Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward posted a video (above, currently hosted on a non-Infinity Ward account) highlighting the AC-130 bonus in Modern Warfare 2.

So one of the site's community members sent a tweet out to PST*Joker recommending he, as the owner of the content, send a DMCA takedown to YouTube. "See how youtube responds," he said.

Shortly thereafter, the video was pulled, right off of Infinity Ward's official channel.

BASHandSlash says that after the takedown, Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling direct messaged PST*Joker about the removal: " "Really? Copyright infringment claim? :sigh:" read the message, according to BASHandSlash.


MW2: IW Gets AC130 Takedown Notice [, thanks Sean H.]

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