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YouTuber Logan Paul Slapped With Class-Action Lawsuit Over NFT 'Game'

The embattled content creator is being sued for 'fraudulent action' and market manipulation

We may earn a commission from links on this page.


An image of YouTuber Logan Paul with a Pokémon background.
Screenshot: Logan Paul

Logan Paul, the YouTuber and wrestler has been saddled with a class-action lawsuit over “fraudulent actions” regarding his NFT game, CryptoZoo.


After a year of investigation, Stephen “Coffeezilla” Findeisen, a YouTuber who looks into fraudsters and fake gurus in the crypto space, discovered that Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo was something of a scam. CryptoZoo, a blockchain game that was supposed to function like passive income for Paul’s ardent fans and early investors, actually wound up being a rug pull for just about everyone involved because Paul’s team preemptively sold the in-game currency, zoo coins, before everyone else. Aside from some of the folks hired to work on CryptoZoo, who allegedly made thousands of dollars, others interested in the “game” lost hundreds if not thousands, according to Coffeezilla’s multi-part investigatory series.

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Initially, Paul was furious with Coffeezilla’s year-long investigation, calling him the “Keemstar of crypto in finance” and threatening to sue him in a since-deleted YouTube video. Paul has walked that statement back, apologizing to his fans and Coffeezilla while also putting forth a three-step plan to “finish and deliver” CryptoZoo, which has been basically broken since its August 2021 launch. Now, as Coffeezilla tweeted on February 3, Paul has been hit with a class-action lawsuit.


The plaintiff, a Texas police officer who poured about $3,000 of his own money into CryptoZoo in the hopes that it would yield big returns, filed the litigation in the city of Austin. According to the suit reviewed by Kotaku, the plaintiff is seeking damages north of $75,000 for “conspiracy to commit fraud,” “fraudulent misrepresentation,” “negligence,” “unjust enrichment,” and more. The plaintiff named everyone involved with the game’s creation, including Paul and former lead developer Eddie Ibanez. In the end, the plaintiff wants repayment for copious damages, from attorney’s fees and the costs of action to civil penalties and mental anguish.

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Kotaku reached out to Paul for comment.

Paul has not responded to the lawsuit at all since it was filed. However, he did make an appearance (and got injured) during WWE’s 2023 Royal Rumble event on January 28. His YouTube accounts, including his Impaulsive podcast, have been pretty quiet since February started. As all of this is going on, though, Paul’s likeness is slated to appear in developer Visual Concepts’ WWE 2K23 when it comes out on March 17.