You're* Pen is a Mighty Sword in The Grading Game

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If your like me, you hate being corrected. Readers know how fast I loose my temper when mistake's are pointed out. Its not that I think I'm always right, I just hate someone telling me when I'm wrong.


The Grading Game, for iOS (iPad recommended), turn's the tables by letting you vent all that nitpicky rage back on some truely hopeless college kid's, marking up (or down, as it is) there papers as the T.A. for a extremeley unpleasant professor. If grade inflation is a porblem on campus, Dr. Arthur Snerpus, whose as nasty and antisocial as his last name implys, aims to fix it by flunking everyone out.

In The Grading Game (buy developer Mode of Expression) your presented with a serious of papers to "grade" by touching there errors with you're fingertip. Misteaks like double words misspelling missing punctuation the ineffably irritating you're/your and its/it's confusion and even runon sentences all await your mercyless pen. Its you're job to give each paper as low a grade as possible, idealy failing ever single one.

If that sound's boring, the grading game's delightful humour makes each task an enjoyable challenge. Snerpus is an implacable bastard, and begin's each grading assignment with a private memo profiling the upcoming target, or that is student, who's work must be failed. The memos contain a snippet of something stupid they said on Tiwtter, (making it clear they have a mutually hatefull relationship) plus an extremely pedantic lecture on basic writing competencys everyone should know.

Needless, to say, I was fired up to give all of these poor bastard's Fs. In Quick Play, the more you flunk, the more money you shave off you're $200,000 dollars student debt. Quickplay ends when you fail to, uh, fail a student (or grade there paper below the target, Usually a C.) Each mission in career mode requires you to catch all errors, and if you dont, you start over.

Grading papers can be tough. You're given 30 seconds per paper in Quick Play and I never caught every error in that mode though i did catch the lions share. The challenge is worth it, just to hear what nasty thing Dr. Snerpus has to to say about the next student.

The Grading Game takes what by all rites should be a boring concept and makes it both amusing and playable. Alot of thought went into this, and as this review might suggest, creating paper's deliberately rife with errors is harder than it sounds. At ninety-nine cents its worth a look, and worth a laugh. May you're pen be a mighty sword.


The Grading Game [iTunes, $0.99]



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