You're Getting 45 More Angry Birds Levels Come March

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Angry Birds Rio isn't the movie we'd been hearing about - it's a crossover with a movie, delivering another 45 levels to Angry Birders in two months, says the game's maker. The pigs don't figure to appear.

The premise of Rio, as nearly every animated feature's premise goes these days, is a stranger-in-a-strange-land tale involving a couple of macaws who go to Rio de Janeiro to find a long lost relation, and end up captured by animal smugglers. The rest of the story involves the birds' escape and their journey of self-discovery.

Angry Birds Rio hooks into that by, as this trailer implies, compelling the birds to free captives from the animal smugglers. No eggs - no pigs. Unless we find out they're in cahoots with the smugglers later. "Angry Birds Rio will pair the physics-based gameplay of the original game with unique twists based on the highly-anticipated film," says Rovio. Additional levels will come sometime after Angry Birds Rio's release.


Angry Birds Rio Arrives in March [Rovio]

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There are a LOT of people that aren't bothering to read the articles in here.

Rio = a 20th Century Fox movie.

Angry Birds = that game we all know about.

Angry Birds Rio = A shameless cross promotion that further makes Angry Birds into less of an indie darling and more of a coporate cashin. :(