To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Busy Week Has Come To An End


It's no secret I've been a consistent presence on this site for more than a year. By consistent, I mean posting something every day, seven days a week, year-round. By my count, from July 16, 2009, to today, I've worked 444 days with 22 scheduled full days off - vacation, holiday or otherwise.

While those weren't eight-hour workdays, that's still a lot of coal to shovel into the furnace, however willingly I've done it. Crecente and I have looked at it and understood that this contribution isn't sustainable. Neither of us want me to burn out. So with that, I am now going to a five-day-a-week schedule.


Beginning tomorrow, you won't be reading me on Mondays or Tuesdays. Those are my new weekend. You'll still be reading me Wednesday through Friday and of course, on my home turf, Saturday and Sunday, with Stick Jockey and all of the regularly scheduled features of both days still publishing.

The past year, telling friends and family that I worked seven days a week usually brought their sympathetic grimace and my quick reassurance that I am still very fortunate - not to have a job, because that kind of fearful posture of low expectations can only harm the value of labor, mine and others'. But I am very fortunate to do this job. And not two. Or three.

Still, 444 days is long enough. I'm looking forward to waking up to doing nothing, and coming back to work in two days.

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