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If you have a hi-res shot of yourself and can think up a reason that amuses Capcom, you can get yourself in Street Fighter IV as a background spectator. You have to do it fast though. Capcom extended this offer on Friday and it runs through Wednesday.


Make your case - there are no limitations on length, subject or even medium - to contestATcapcomDOTcom. As s-kill writes over on Capcom-Unity, weirdoes, freaks, self-promoters, the obsessive, cosplayers and pretty much everyone is welcome to justify their existence in SFIV. You need to include name, age, phone number, email, and be comfortable with the fact that Capcom will own your likeness if they put you in the game.

If I had the time, I'd get a portrait shot of me done as a pervert upskirt photographer stalking-


We interrupt this feeble attempt at humor to admit I am an imbecile. The previously mentioned female fighter character is not a part of this series.

- I'm sure you Kotakuites, given enough time and creativity, can come up with something even better. Come on, dammit, we've gotta get one winner in this thing.

Tell Us Why YOU should be in Street Fighter IV [Capcom-Unity]

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