Your Pick For 2012's Game Of The Year

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We're gearing up for our Kotaku-official game of the year nominations set to be ready for your eyes next week, but in the meantime we'd like to hear your thoughts. Maybe even give you all the opportunity to have an influence on our decisions. So let's hear your best cases for the absolute best game (or games, feel free to choose a few) of 2012.


There's a lot to choose from this year. From the bigger, household titles like Halo 4 to the surprises like The Walking Dead's episodic adventure series. And if you're on the fence about any of this year's biggest titles, maybe we can help there.


So let's see 'em!

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Dr Toboggan

Mass Effect 3, as it has been since March. Yes, the ending was not great, but the 35+ hours I spent getting up to it was some of the best, most moving gaming I've ever played.