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The Xbox Originals program selection process continues to confuse, as the Gamerscore Blog revlelas the next addition to the lineup of downloadable "classics" for the Xbox 360, Terminal Reality's Blowout.


Only the fact that Crecente might actually be reading this post keeps me from just writing "Why?" 200 times and calling it a day. For 1200 Microsoft points on January 19th you can download Majesco's 2003 run and gun shooter, which scored around a 50 average on GameRankings. If that's a bit too pricey, you could always buy the original game for the Xbox on Amazon for $1.50 used. Or you could just not buy it at all, which is probably your safest bet.


At this point I am convinced the Xbox Originals selection process features a hat and a blindfolded child.

BlowOut Coming to Xbox Originals [Gamerscore Blog]

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