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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Your Lost Planet 2 Preorder Bonus Has Changed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember back in November, when Capcom announced a Wesker skin as a GameStop preorder bonus for Lost Planet 2? Forget that. Now the company is giving GameStop preorder customers two exclusive underwater combat maps. What about Wesker?

There's good news, and better news. The good news is, players who preorder Lost Planet 2 will no longer receive Albert Wesker from Resident Evil as a preorder exclusive. How is that good news? Capcom has decided to give Wesker to everybody, preorder or no, so Wesker shall be yours, no matter what!


GameStop preorder customers will be receiving two exclusive multiplayer maps in Wesker's stead, both featuring underwater combat. There's Helix, an underwater NEVEC mining facility, complete with Aqua Catapults, and Back to the Island, featuring island beaches and a battered carrier. Both maps will feature special Vital Suits that transform into submarines. You'll probably have to make the trademark Transformers noise yourself.

And the better news? Capcom has also announced split screen multiplayer for Lost Planet 2, a feature that doesn't show up enough in today's multiplayer shooters.


In summary, that's free Wesker for everybody, watersports for GameStop preorder customers, and split screen multiplayer for you and a friend. Everyone wins!