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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Your Guide To Nintendo's Gameplay-Helping Super Guide

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Did you know that playing through New Super Mario Bros. Wii without Super Guide help will net you a special reward? Or that the hand-holding play-throughs are the result of a team of gamers?

I didn't. That's why after playing through the entire game, even before it came out, I decided to bug Nintendo with a list of questions and together we prepared a Super Guide guide of sorts.


Many thanks to Nintendo of America's senior manager of product marketing Bill Trinen for these answers.

Can the Super Guide be used in multiplayer matches?
No, it can only be used in the single-player mode.


How many deaths does it take to activate the Super Guide? Do they have to be in a row and on the same level?

The Super Guide is activated after eight deaths. They don't have to be in a row, but they do have to be on the same level. Super Guide only activates for the level on which you die eight times.

If you switch from multiplayer to single-player or vice versa, how does that impact the guide counter?

Super Guide only appears in the single-player campaign. So only single-player deaths count toward the Super Guide tally.


If you take over play for Luigi during a play-through, do you start collecting stars and coins?

You can collect power-ups while playing as Luigi, but overall progress is not counted toward your main save. You have to replay the level as Mario for that progress to count.


Is there anything that records and shows how often you've used the Super Guide?

The game tracks whether or not you've used Super Guide and there is a reward for completing the game without using it.


If you use the Super Guide on a level and then go back and play through the level, will you ever be able to activate the guide again on that level? If so, how?

Yes. Once you die eight times on a level, the green Super Guide block will always appear at the beginning of the level. You can activate it as many times as you want.


Are the Super Guide demos the recorded play of one person or multiple people?

The Super Guide and Hint Movies were recorded by multiple people.