You can mutilate any innocent coloring book, with the right artistic inspiration.

r/coloringcorruptions is a community dedicated to coloring books that they've taken and transformed into disturbing scenes with a few alterations. According to The Daily Dot, the inspiration came from one Redditor named CrayonsForBrains, who had a particularly deranged-looking coloring book. CrayonsForBrains couldn't help but imagine the characters "plotting and feuding with one another. Inspired, I began to turn a seemingly innocent children's coloring book into something both awful and hilarious (at least to me)."

Here are some of the pages the subreddit has transformed/colored:

By tracity

(The last 3 images are all by CrayonsForBrains.)

Eek. Remember, these are all made in jest!

You can view more Coloring Book Corruptions here. Or, alternatively, you might be interested in defaced textbooks.

(Via The Daily Dot)