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Say your StarCraft II match ends prematurely, either by crash or lightning strike or murder or whatever. Right now, your only option is to suck it up and start a new game. But when Blizzard releases the expansion pack Heart of the Swarm, you'll be able to recover a crashed match by loading up the replay and jumping back in.

As they write on their blog today:

We know how important eSports is for the StarCraft II community, and it's important to us too. For some time now we have been discussing ways to improve StarCraft II to ensure that tournaments both large and small run as smoothly as possible. While we are discussing many different improvements, we've heard your feedback and are creating a way that games can be continued if they are ended prematurely during an eSports event. We have been investigating solutions to this issue for some time, but we expect to offer the ability to resume play from a replay at or around the launch of Heart of the Swarm.


Which could help prevent embarrassing situations like this from happening in the future.

Blizzard also promises region-free play, multi-language support, a new clan/group system, unranked matchmaking, and multiplayer replay viewing "at or around the launch" of Heart of the Swarm.

Developer Update with Production Director Chris Sigaty [Blizzard]

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