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Disconnect at the Global StarCraft League Finals Has Fans Shouting "We Want LAN!"

That Team Prime's MarineKing won the Global StarCraft II League finals held during the Starcraft II IPL 4 tournament in Las Vegas earlier this month comes as no surprise to fans of competitive gaming. The fact that he might have lost if not for a last-minute dropped connection, on the other hand...


StarTale player Won "PartinG" Lee Sak had Lee "MarineKing" Jung Hoon on the ropes. MarineKing's resources were tapped, he had barely any units left to defend himself. It looked as if the man many consider to be one of the world's greatest players was about to go down.

And then the internet connection went down.

According to IPL organizer David Ting the computer lost connection to the local network, which would have killed the game even if both computers were networked locally, but that didn't stop the audience from breaking into a rousing chant of "We want LAN", once more poking at developer Blizzard for its controversial decision to leave the popular feature out of StarCraft II, opting to use its internet service exclusively.


Luckily for photographer Carlton Beener, StarCraft II lead designer Dustin Browder was in the audience. His reaction is priceless.

Illustration for article titled Disconnect at the Global emStarCraft/em League Finals Has Fans Shouting We Want LAN!

GSL officials called for a rematch, during which MarineKing trounced PartinG soundly, going on to win the tournament for Prime. Would results have been different had the disconnect not happened?

Blizzard might not want to add LAN support to StarCraft II. I understand that. But with the audience for these tournaments growing larger every day, some sort of match continuation mechanic might be in order. Give a guy 10 minutes in case the power goes out, that sort of thing.


That's quite a mouthful. It's just easier to chant "We want LAN!"

The GSTL Finals: MarineKing's crowns Prime, StarTale gets Robbed [ESFI World, via Destructoid]

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Since no one else has bothered to bait the Blizzard fanboys here, I'll just say I'm still not buying anything from Blizzard without LAN (not that they care, but it sure pisses off Blizzard's raving fanboys.)

p.s. Of course I know this had nothing to do with LAN, but my comment stands.