You'll Battle Bosses Bigger than a Planet in Asura's Wrath

Asura's Wrath, a new game (joining Dragon's Dogma) due for a 2012 release, got a showing at the World of Capcom panel yesterday at Comic-Con. Here is a two minute video full of gameplay, showing off the game's beat-em-up adventure cred.

In story and in action, it does seem a little God of War-y but Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, the game's producer, said it combines Asian mythology with science-fiction themes. In the game, Asura, your six-armed main character, is a demigod betrayed by other gods, sending him into a 12,000 year hibernation (of sorts). He awakes, bent on revenge against them.


In a video shown to the panel, Asura confronts his primary antagonist, who tears his limbs off (revealing a mechanical looking endoskeleton at the joints). "Who do you think you are?" Asura demands. "God," is the reply.

A slide then showed an enormous diety of some type, looming over Earth, as an example of the kinds of foes Asura will confront and overcome. I'm guessing it'll take one hell of a Quicktime event to bring him down.

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