You Write It, Mr. Boomshakalaka Delivers It

NBA Jam on the 360 and PS3 hit shelves yesterday; today EA Sports is taking a page from the Old Spice YouTube campaign that drew raves. The announcer, Tim Kitzrow, is reading off Twitter-submitted catchphrases. Apparently mine (above) wasn't objectionable.

Kitzrow, as we mentioned before, is all about the fan service, so he's perfect for this kind of all-day session. I believe it's still going as I type this. You send your phrase to EA Sports' Twitter and hashtag it #nbajam. If they likey, Kitzrow says it.


The vast majority of Kitzrow's calls today come from regular folks, but there are a few celebs in the mix, either submitted by them or as homages to them: Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye West, SportsCenter and Dwight Howard got shout outs, as did EA Sports boss Peter Moore.

Regarding mine, I submitted two others as well, in case you think my mind is always in the gutter. If you've gotten one published, put it in the comments - our comments can embed YouTube vids, remember.

Update: For our friends visiting from Deadspin, A.J. and company got name-checked in this here clip. [Thanks Always Winning]

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