You, Too, Can See Yourself in Hogwarts in Harry Potter for Kinect

Let's be honest: it's fun to track Harry, Hermione, and Ron's adventures through Hogwarts and the magical realm, but part of each of us always wants to be there ourselves.


Well, the new Harry Potter game for Kinect wants to put you in Hogwarts, too. Or at least a scan of your face. Which is both cool and creepy all at once.

Harry Potter for Kinect will span all seven years worth of Harry's story, putting the player in the midst of all the arm-waving, spell-casting drama from Sorting to the Battle of Hogwarts.


Didn't they already try this once and everyone thought it was garbage? Besides, playing a motion controlled Harry Potter game without a physical wand just seems silly. Or rather, just sillier than playing a motion controlled Harry Potter game at ALL.

Gotta love the incredibly creative title, too. This is like the fourth game called "[insert popular IP] for Kinect". Where's the effort?